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"Farming and Ranching for soil health enhances biodiversity and increases biological activity. Now attendees will have the opportunity to attend two great conferences in one"

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"New ideas and encouragement to go home and try things. New connections for follow up on"

"Gave me lots of faith and confidence in  making changes"

"Amazing diversity among conference attendees in age, background and production which contributes greatly to the value of the overall conference experience"

"Very affirming and great support with respect to operating different systems

"Gave me a different perspective  into soil health and grazing" 

"I feel focused now. I know what to focus on for the farms future and why."

"There is no end to what we need to learn"

"Helps reinforce your thinking, makes you realize you are on the right path and are not alone."

"Very educational input from lots of people with different backgrounds which was so nice to see."

"Encouragement to continue improving grazing skills and continue working on soil improvement"

"Inspiring and practical information to transition to regenerative methods."

"It is encouraging to be in a growing community of likeminded people in regenerative ag"

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