Western Canada Conference on Soil Health & Grazing

Our Future is in the Soil

DECEMBER 10, 11 & 12


Edmonton, AB

What are people saying about the 2019 conference??

"There's a new perspective that was brought to my attention. As a grain producer it is extremely eye opening to see. I hope to take this forward and incorporate it into my business decisions"

"Incredible information from speakers and other producers. Question & answer was epic"

"Reinforced lessons we have already learned, motivated me to increase diversity & monitoring"

"The fact that all of these people think the same way as us, that the land is the most important part of any farm & ranch"

"Thank you for challenging our paradigms"

"Practical ideas from people who are practitioners"

"The need for change. The repetitive success stories"

"Amazing diversity among conference attendees in age, background and production which contributes greatly to the value of the overall conference experience"

"A re-affirmation we are moving in the right direction, thank you"

"Helps to boost moral on the farm after such a tough year"

"We are okay - even if we are late in the game we are good to go and use the mentors"

"There is no end to what we need to learn"

"Farming and Ranching for soil health enhances biodiversity and increases biological activity. Now attendees will have the opportunity to attend two great conferences in one"

Western Canada Soil Health & Grazing Conference listings

These conferences are not associated with our planning committee but are held by other Western Canadian provinces committees. 

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